Linda Scott


StoneCastle Realtors

 Linda is a big part of what keeps StoneCastle Realtors up and running.  She is my Executive Assistant at the office. She handles a lot of the behind the scene business aspects of the brokerage.  She is a consonant professional in everything she does. Linda has a heart of gold and will bend over backwards to make things run smoothly and like clockwork. We are proud to have her as part of our team!

She has an extensive business background working with finances, accounting and transactions. She worked with Bank Of America for 20 Years until she retired from the banking industry. After leaving BOA she assisted Bob in their Landscaping Corporation acting as the Vice President and Secretary. She also currently works with the Wentzville school district at Timberland High School as the head cashier.

Linda loves a challenge and can handle the high and lows of the everyday business world. If it needs to done promptly, professionally and done properly we can always count on Linda!

Linda is a lifelong resident of St. Charles County and currently lives in Wentzville with her husband Bob Sr and their two sons Bob Jr & Billy.